Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tag-Teaming Some Terrain Projects Part 3: Flock and Grass

Well I am nearly done with this terrain. This final post should be a quick one that really quickly covers the grassy areas I wanted. You can see the post where I textured the bases here, and where I painted the terrain here.

I originally started out with the intention of covering a lot more of this terrain with grass. After I started working on it though I really did not want to cover up the great look of the Hirst Arts molded bricks. They really are great and if you have never used them they are a easy way to get some fantastic looking stuff if you don't mind the time input. Time input because casting does take some time. Outside of that, once you have the blocks cast it is like Legos for adults.

 I started off with my painted terrain. I applied a coat of PVA glue (Elmers) to the areas where I wanted my grass to be. Then I covered the glue with some flock. Be sure when you do this step to allow the flock to sit on the glue for 1-2 minutes before you shake off the excess. That will give the glue additional time to soak into the flock. This time will make the flock stick and hold better.

I have to admit that I did make a mistake here. The flock that I ended up using was not the flock I originally intended. This will highlight the importance of labeling thing in my terrain boxes from now on. I have two colors of flock. One is your standard green flock. The other is supposed to be a harvest mix so the grass is a bit darker and it has some random bits of other color thrown in. It works all the same, but not the color I intended.

The final step was to add a bit of static grass. This will give a look of a few areas of taller weeds/grass. I wanted this look but I did not want it everywhere so I kept the patches small and did not do that many. Once I added the static grass, the mistake with the wrong color flock became more noticeable in my mind. I applied the static grass the same way I talked about here.

So there it is. I hope you like what you see. I think many of the folks at eh FLGS will really like this stuff and I hope they get as much enjoyment out of using it as I did working on it.


Brent said...

I think that's a pretty safe bet - it looks great!

Big Whit said...

Good game"slap"