Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Year going...and my own little top ten.

Well well, it seems I have been going at this blog thing for a year now. I honestly have to tell you I not only figured at the beginning that this thing would fade long before a year, but there have been times during this year that I thought the same.

With that the blog sits here a year older and I figured it might be a good time to toot my horn a bit. Hopefully there is something in this list that is useful to you or maybe it was what made one of those cool people click the follow link to help boost my ego.

With that I thought I would do my own little top ten.

  1. This is where I learned that comments can spawn some good content. SAJ asked about paint brands and I obliged him with "What' in the bottle".
  2. Here is one of my first walk through posts about basing with sand and static grass.
  3. Another one. This one is for those who are not sure what to do with flimsy metal parts. Pin them, I say.
  4. When I first started this blog I generated posts from comments people made in comments or in person. This one is about an easy method to painting red.
  5. What I think is another good walk through. This time about painting eyes.
  6. Ever used a Wet Palette. Here is my take on them.
  7. Number 1 of 3 Choir of Menoth.
  8. My Converted and Painted Eldrad.
  9. My Painted Rackham Jackal Master of Rites.
  10. This last one is simply one that tickled my fancy. Brent from Strictly Average is probably the biggest reason I have a blog, and it was funny to see how he reacted to some of my content.
Now we have the first year out of the way, lets see if we can make another. BTW..part 2 of my Dirz showcase should be up in the next couple days.