Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yu Jing Spec Ops : aka Bruno Pontz Jones

So here he is. Bruno Pontz Jones. I know its a name hack from Kids in the Hall, but hey. This is not my best work but considering the distance since my last painted model I am far from disappointed with the results. I mounted him on a different base than what he was originally pictured. We are using a square grid for the game and I did not a round peg in a square hole if you get my drift.

In the end I stayed with the blue fins. Mainly due to lack of other inspiration. I may go back and fix them later if I come up with a better idea. The studio mini has white ones with a bit of turquoise showing at the base, perhaps I will go back in and do that. Not any time soon mind you, but it is a possibility in the future.

As a side not I hate it when I look at pictures while writing a blog post and see something I missed. I will definitely need to go back and paint the edge of the base back to black.

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