Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting something done: Salias Yesod

Well, if you have spent any amount of time reading stuff on this blog then you know my one true love is Confrontation. I love the way that game plays out, the feel from the setting, and I have had some of my most memorable moments playing that game. So where am I going with this....lets just say I have a lot of unpainted stuff for that game.
My entry into the challenge

If I was being completely honest with my self I should really say I have too much stuff for that game. Anyway, there is a pretty solid community of people that play/played Con over at Dragonpainting and the painting challenge this month is to do something old school Rackham. That does not only mean a Rackham models, it is encouraging some of the things made famous by the Rackham artist. Non-Metalic metals, subtle glazes, or anything else common on the R factory painted models.

Salias Yesod
Now, my skills are not anywhere near what they were at their height, so this is gonna take some work. The other bad thing is I have an established look in my other models for my Alchemists of Dirz and I will need to try and get close to that. Newer tricks and techniques are not always the best thing when painting models for an old army/band/team.

As a side note my attention has recently been attracted to a recent Kickstarter for a sport game called Guildball. I have pledged and I encourage you to take a look. I will try and do a better write up on it and my thoughts later.

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